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What a brilliant video journey we've been on 

As with everything in life,
I always seek to learn from others to better myself and my business

Thank you for choosing to work with me, and let me bring your story to life.

As with everything in life, I always seek to learn from others to better myself and my business.


I'm eager to hear more stories. And your story about this project is no different. I would appreciate a small amount of your valuable time to answer a few multiple-choice questions to highlight your story and share it's success with new customers, so I can continue doing the work I love.

20220521_Corfu 2022 Headshot_(3 of 3)_edited.jpg
Would you be happy for me to arrange a short video interview with you, that highlights your story on this project?
What qualities were you looking for your video vendor to have?
What service(s) did you originally approach me for?
After speaking to me and completing our project, did you decide to take advantage of any additional services?
Thinking back to our first meeting and the pre-production phase, what stood out to you that led to the success of the project?
During our time filming, what stood out to you on the day?
What aspects of the post-production and editing phase did you appreciate the most?
On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate your final deliverable product?
1 - What video?
2 - I wish our video was better
3 - This work ticked all our boxes
4 - This video project went above expectations
5 - OMG our story looked effin' amazing on video
On a scale of 1 to 3, how likely would you work with me on a future video project?
1 - I think this was a one-off
2 - Maybe let's keep in touch
3 - We'll definitely want to work with you on our next project
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