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Thank You Day 2016 | Edinburgh Children's Hospital charity

The Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity (formerly The Sick Kids Friends Foundation) devoted 26th January 2016 to personally express gratitude to any individual, group or company that has helped it raise over £3 million towards the hospital’s move to Little France in spring 2018.

A great cause deserves a great video. From the outset, I wanted to create an edit with a recognisable pop track to carry the positive energy that drives the amazing work at the charity.

The charity which supports the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh, was given a staggering 32,175 donations in 2015. It was little wonder why the 13 -strong team (including volunteers) from the much loved charity took on the mountainous task of phoning, emailing and sending out cards and videos in a bid to say a huge thank you to as many supporters as possible.

From Edinburgh radio DJ Grant Stott to children’s TV favourite Nina and the Neurons, all the way to the patients and staff at The Royal Hospital for Sick Children and The Sick Kids Friends Foundation, everyone came together to wish the biggest thank you the foundation has ever given.

The YouTube video above has earned over 1,000 views to date on the world’s second largest search engine. On new video contender Facebook, the video went down a storm with everyone collecting 502 likes and even better 75 comments from viewers congratulating the foundation and all their supporters. The video went on to even more viewers thanks to an incredible 106 shares on the social network site.


Part of what makes me passionate about video, is the collaborative effort from beginning to end. So it really means a lot to see these videos being shared and enjoyed by the people involved or even if you like small parts of the video.

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