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A Very Proud Camera Cousin: Filming FOH Mockumentary

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

I am very proud to present the most anticipated video in my year: FOH. This mockumentary written by Andrew Dyer and Produced by Twist of Lime Productions is a hilarious pilot episode about the front of house theatre team.

And not only did I enjoy it because of its hilarious characterisation, comic timing and performances, I enjoyed it because for once I worked on the production and got to do what I love most.

It's not very often I get to take a step back from producing and editing content, and just concentrate on the meat and bones of video - the filming.

Lucky for me, I'm surrounded by very creative family and friends who love to entertain through video.

So when Twist of Lime Productions asked about gear recommendations a mockumentary script that was being filmed in the Kings Theatre and Festival Theatre in Edinburgh, I went one better and jumped at the chance to get involved.

Although this was my first experience making a mockumentary, my experience filming and lighting interviews was put to good use. As was my experience collecting pick-up shots, and blocking through a scene to really let the performances shine and capture that comic timing that the cast were nailing.

It was a shame I couldn't be on set to carry on filming with the guys. But I wasn't forgotten.

Three months later, I was grinning ear to ear, when I received it. My invite to the premiere of the pilot. The time had come.

It was a great turn out by friends, family and crew who were just as anxious as me, to just get on with the show.

For the next thirty minutes, we were in stitches. All the scenes that didn't make much sense on paper came to life in the edit and sold by the energy of all the cast.

By the end, everyone had a favourite character, but I was already wanting to boxset binge an entire season that hasn't even been made yet.

On that note, I can only wish FOH writer, Andrew Dyer, and Twist of Lime Productions the best in getting the pilot commissioned.


Be sure to follow at Twist of Lime Productions and share the pilot episode of FOH as much as possible.

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